Feb. 12th, 2017

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My reading intentions (different than my habits) come in fits and starts.  I have all these books I haven't read that I really should, before I let myself buy any more. Or maybe I should discard all my unread and set myself free. Some of them I really want to read, but for some reason they never come to hand when I'm trying to pick my  next book.

I used to claim the weight of my books kept me real, kept me safe, kept me tethered, but I eventually started to weed, and then when Abundance moved in and I got my own room, I moved some of the books in here, and a bunch more into storage.

I'm crap at reading nonfiction, my mind skitters off the surface, finds something more interesting to chew on and I read the same chapter more than once and am convinced either I never was all that smart and just have (and have had) enough people fooled that it has had the same result or I didn't quit drinking early enough, or 20 years of antidepressants have turned me to mush.

Same issue with reading the news, I find predigestesd stippets, I read my two news aggregator emails in the morning, and then catch the rest through social media, or the occasional random deep dive into something in particular.  

I've been chipping away at some of the low-hanging fruit of my unread book collection, namely my absurd collection of indie RPGs.  I don't play RPGs almost ever, but I love the ways people create worlds, or how people prompt other people to create worlds.  (that and I think Brave Sparrow may have saved me at one point). I love everything Meguey Baker touches, anything that talks about how people relate to each other, any world where the players create a shared world in addition to characters, or where the world is a character.

I'm going to a day of PAX East and I'm sure I'll acquire a few more.  Hopefully one of these years, they'll pass from aspirational to actual.  I desperately want to manage a game of Ribbon Drive with Abundance and Delight some day.

MIT has declared a snowday, but for the moment the Beast is holding out.  I suspect I'll be taking a personal day, even if we don't close for the day.


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