May. 15th, 2017

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Finished listening to None of the Above by I.W. Gregorio a couple days ago. The book is about an intersex 18yo girl who has just discovered she's intersex.  She's a high school senior, a competitive runner, and just got voted Homecoming Queen when this all comes out.  (the incident that sends her to an obgyn is attempting to have sex for the first time with her awful boyfriend).

Everything that happens for a little while is awful.  She tells a couple people in confidence,  the secret doesn't get kept, she gets dumped, bullied (both cyber and not), she gets suspended from the track team, etc.  She spends a lot of time trying to keep things from her dad, because years ago her mother died of cervical cancer and he's never really recovered.

The part that really struck me is that while I'm cisgender, some of the places where I've seen a little bit of my menopause story reflected back at me is in trans and (now) intersex narratives.   In this book in particular, the protagonist undergoes a gonadectomy and then "forgets" to take her estrogen supplements, and essentially hits menopause and her experience of hot flashes sparked that sick feeling under my breastbone that empathy sometimes creates.  I don't want to co-opt anything, that's not my intent.  Part of my discomfort with the stories I do hear about mastectomies and oopherectomies is because those are Cancer Stories and I did not/do not have cancer, I just had fear and statistics motivating my surgeries.  And I'll straight up admit that I don't feel like I know enough to talk about what it must be like to transition or to be intersex.

But there was some thread here, something that has popped up a couple times in a couple different places, something I want to tease out.

I didn't love the book.  I'm not even sure I liked it.  She's kind of a twit and surrounded by mostly incompetent adults and it's possible that true love saves her.   But it did get a fishhook into my brain somewhere.


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