Jan. 7th, 2017

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Sometimes, when I meet new lj people (through whatever means) I'm tempted to go back and read bits of their past journals.  It feels a little over-stepping, but I tell myself that's half the point of meeting people on the internet, this weird anonymous intimacy/satisfaction of curiosities. 

It's snowing here, there's 8 inches of snow predicted, there's already the dulcet sound of snowplows scraping pavement drifting through the windows, Abundance and his Viking are hanging out in the kitchen, Light and I are on the couch being sat upon by cats.   Abundance, Viking and I all went to the farmer's market down the street, I got  quark, and braised chestnut ravioli, and roasted pumpkin and brie ravioli, and caramelized onion and sweet potato pierogi, and aged gouda with fenugreek.  The CSA provides enough root vegetables that I didn't really need anything on that front, but the most fun was watching Viking having sincere conversations with the cheesemonger, since he's on the hunt for his very own raw milk.

Delight needed to cancel on our wfh date yesterday, so I puttered around and thought about the nature of the definition of "doing something."  Each morning, Abundance and I tell each other to "go forth and nurture things and create order", and domestic order counts.   I made apple oven oats, and something called "healthy mexican casserole with peppers and roasted corn" which is bland, but a good sort of thing upon which to load avocado and sour cream and salsa, and used up a bunch of the corn tortillas that have been coming with the aforementioned CSA.  I did multiple loads of laundry (both the washing and the putting away), I cleaned multiple rooms, I cross-stitched, wrote an awkward email to my sort-of-cousin. 

Her dad was in hospice care, and died this morning, and I wrote her an email about holding her in my agnostic thoughts, and being too far away to just come over and do her dishes and leave a casserole on her porch, and be the sort of unshowy supportive that I think of as new-england-sympathy.  (I think at some point Chile and I expressed our feelings towards each other by using the phrase "giving a casserole" in our email) and I'd mentioned how I'd come up at the drop of a hat and stay in the nearest hotel, and do all those useful things, and hold her or hold her baby, but I'm not sure if I said the right things. 

Light's probably going to have his first sleepover date next week (unless I count sex camp as a sleepover date).  I know it's made me slightly
frowny, but I'm not sure why and I continue to try to make decisions with my head and not the weird lightly crampy feelings in what I suspect is what people refer to as the pit of the stomach.

All of a sudden both tired and restless, all at once. Possibly time for a nap?  Time to try for one, at least.


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